Evidence-based summaries

Based on the latest research, the CAM Cancer summaries present the efficacy and safety of CAM in the prevention, treatment and supportive care of cancer. They also contain background information, comprehensive reference lists and evidence tables.

Our summaries aim to present the best available evidence that exists about CAM interventions for the prevention, treatment or supportive care of cancer. The summaries provide background information of a treatment as well as an appraisal of the evidence of its efficacy and safety. CAM-summaries are peer-reviewed and annually updated.

The primary audience for our summaries are health care professionals. We strive to present the evidence in a clinically meaningful way, for facilitating dialogue between clinicians and their patients and contributing to informed health decisions and patient safety. 

Although the summaries are mainly written with a professional readership in mind, the introductory abstracts could also be recommended for lay persons. 

The summaries are written using a common template, and presented on the web site with hyper-linked sections that enable easy navigation and distribution. The main A-Z listing provides a total overview of the more than 70 summaries, sorted by intervention name (and in some cases, the specific outcomes investigated). A number of sorting keys for listing the summaries are available:

Dietary approaches - Herbal products - Manipulative/ body-based - Mind-body interventions -  Other CAM

All summaries are fully referenced. Summaries including five or more controlled clinical trials/systematic reviews present details and data in table format (Evidence tables). 

The summaries are open-access and free to use for educational purposes.. 


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