Here, you will find a chronological list of news items about CAM Cancer.

Sep 29, 2023: Summaries on Amygdaline, the Budwig diet, Carctol, Essiac and Gerson therapy  updated

Apr 28: Spirulina summary updated

Febr 16, 2023: NAFKAM signs contract with the Belgian Centre for Evidence-based Medicine (CEBAM), regarding the accreditation of CAM Cancer

Febr 14, 2023: The Norwegian Cancer Society becomes an official partner CAM Cancer

Dec 6, 2022: Artemisia annua summary updated

Aug 31, 2022:  Regional Cancer Center Stockholm Gotland (Sweden) becomes an official partner with CAM Cancer

Aug 22, 2022: Artemisia absinthium summary updated

Jun 3, 2022: Noni  and Qigong summaries updated

Apr 22, 2022: Biofeedback summary updated

Apr 21, 2022: Yoga summary updated

Mar 30, 2022: Tai Chi summary updated

Feb 22, 2022: CAM-Cancer scores high in analysis from US National Cancer Institute (NIH), of web-based information on complementary medicine for cancer

Oct 26, 2021: CAM-Cancer featured as a main information resource for the Dutch Cancer Foundation

Aug 17, 2021: CAM Cancer featured as an information source in the Norwegian Electronic Medical Handbook (NEL) for MD’s

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