The CAM Cancer database

CAM Cancer's database contains the CAM Cancer summaries; presenting the best available evidence regarding safety and efficacy of CAM in cancer care. It can be accessed by searching for treatments, symptoms and cancer type. The database is open-access, non-profit and complies with international quality standards for online health information.

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CAM Cancer summaries aim to present the best available evidence that exists about CAM interventions for the prevention, treatment or supportive care of cancer. They provide background information of a treatment as well as an appraisal of the evidence of its efficacy and safety. The summaries are peer-reviewed and regularly updated.


CAM Cancer follows a strict methodology to ensure that the summaries are unbiased and of high quality. They are based on systematic literature searches, critical appraisal of the available data and evidence synthesis following CAM Cancer's templates and guidelines. All summaries are fully referenced. Summaries including five or more controlled clinical trials/systematic reviews present details and data in table format (Evidence tables). 

Who is it for?

The summaries are primarily directed at health care professionals. CAM Cancer strives to present the evidence in a clinically meaningful way, for facilitating dialogue between clinicians and their patients and contributing to informed health decisions and patient safety. Although the summaries are mainly written with a professional readership in mind, the introductory abstracts could also be recommended for lay persons. 

Navigating the database

There are three ways of accessing the summaries: via the A-Z of treatments, A-Z of symptoms/outcomes, or A-Z of cancer types (NB: The latter two are under development).

1. The main listing is the A-Z of treatments, which gives you access to the core of the database: the 70 treatment-based summaries, e.g. on aromatherapy, green tea, massage, yoga. These summaries are written using a common template, and presented on the web site with hyper-linked sections that enable easy navigation and distribution. 

2. The A-Z of symptoms allows you to search for specific symptoms or outcomes, e.g. nausea, fatigue or survival.

3. The A-Z of cancer types provides access to the summaries by searching for specific cancer types, e. g. breast cancer, prostate cancer.

Quality seal for health information

The CAM Cancer website met the Health on the Net (HON) Foundation's internationally recognized criteria for quality of health information on the internet. The HON Code certificate provided a quality seal assuring visitors to the website that CAM Cancer complied with and adhered to the principles of the HON Code of Conduct. 

From 2023, when the HON Foundation was discontinued, CAM Cancer remained committed to fulfil the Foundation's criteria in its latest published version (link to Wikipedia). It also aimed to develop upon these, and was subsequently thoroughly assessed for quality, consistency and trustworthiness by the Belgian Center for Evidence-Based Medicine (Cebam). In early 2024, this successfully resulted in accreditation by Cebam, who awarded CAM Cancer with Cebam's quality label in recognition of its high-quality evidence-based health information.

News & updates

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CAM Cancer is hosted by NAFKAM

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