A-Z of symptoms/ outcomes categories

This page lets you navigate the database by categories of the symptoms and outcomes studied in the research we have assessed (see Methodology). Please note  that:

  • The overview does not imply that any treatment is considered safe and effective, and is not to be mistaken for a recommendation of treatments. 
  • This overview reflects the database’s current content and is not necessarily complete. There may be research on other cancer-related symptoms/ outcomes and treatments than those listed here. 
  • Click on a symptom or outcome for information about the scientific status for CAM treatments: 

Anticancer treatment: Survival/ tumour response

Cardiovascular adverse events: Blood pressure - Breathlessness - Cardiotoxicity - Heart rate - Lung function - Lymphoedema - Phlebitis - Venous function

Dermatological adverse events: Hand-foot syndrome - Leucoplakia - Mucositis - Proctitis - Radiation dermatitis

Fatigue: Fatigue - Sleep/ insomnia

Gastrointestinal adverse events: Anorexia-cachexia syndrome - Appetite - Constipation  - Digestive symptoms - Gastrointestinal adverse effects - Nausea and vomitingOther gastrointestinal symptoms

Haematological adverse events: Anaemia - Leukopenia - Neutropenia

Immune function: Immune function - Infection - Inflammation

Menopausal symptoms: Hormone levels - Hot flushes

Mental health: Anxiety - Depression - Distress - Mood - Stress

Pain: Pain

Physical function: Balance performance - Erectile dysfunction - Grip strength - Joint mobility - Sexual function - Urinary symptoms - Various physical function

Prevention: Cancer prevention

Quality of life/ wellbeing: Quality of life - Wellbeing

Toxicities: Hepatotoxicity - Nephrotoxicity - Neuropathy, periheral

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