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CAM Cancer follows a rigorous and well-documented methodology.


Updated May 11, 2016

CAM-Cancer follows a strict methodology to produce CAM-summaries of high quality. . Writing, review and editorial processes all follow pre-defined methods and the CAM-Cancer editorial team and Executive Committee ensure that CAM-summaries comply with the guidelines and templates.

Writing process:  please click to view details of the writing process with an overview of the CAM-summary guidelines

Review process: please click to view details of the review process

Editorial process: please click to download a PDF of the editorial process

CAM-Cancer project has also produced a set of documents describing the full methodology that has been used to create the information presented on this web site.

  • CAM summary manual (PDF)
    How to synthesize and summarise the best available evidence for a specific CAM intervention. 
    This document provides recommendations on the whole production and editorial process. Methodology for peer reviewing the quality of CAM summary is included.

CAM Cancer is hosted by NAFKAM

Norway's National Research Center in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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