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Privacy policy

Privacy policy for NAFKAMs websites, and

This privacy policy explains how the Norwegian National Research Center in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NAFKAM) collects and uses personal information. NAFKAM, by the Editor, is responsible for our company's handling of personal information.

Use of cookies

Cookies are small text files that are added to your browser's internal memory and are used to measure, for example, how long you visit the page and what information you are searching for, as a footprint. The goal is to learn from the footprints our readers leave and use it to improve the user experience.

By using our websites (, or you agree that we can put cookies in your browser. Data from cookies will not be used to collect personal information about you. In your web browser settings, you can both turn off and delete cookies.

Google Analytics and web statistics

We use Google Analytics on our sites. The data gathered from this tool will not be given to other actors. All site data is collected and used at a group level, and not individually per user or IP address. No personal information is collected through Google Analytics.

Contact with the Editorial Staff

All our employees are bound by confidentiality and no one in our Editorial Office will ask you for sensitive information. You can choose to remain anonymous both on the phone, by using the feedback possibilities on the websites or by using email, but we will usually ask for an email address so we can assure the quality of our response internally before we send it to you.

If you send an e-mail directly to us at or use the contact form, it will be received on a server hosted and maintained by UiT Norway's Arctic University. If you send us questions by mail or the feedback form, we ask that you don't share information about your health, disease or other personal data beyond your email address.

All inquiries to us will be anonymized and taken care of in an internal Knowledge Database, allowing us to provide better answers to future inquiries. Only employees in the Editorial Staff have access to the knowledge base. We remove all information that can identify you (such as name, email, location, and phone number). IP addresses are not stored.

NOTE: You should always consider information about your health as sensitive information, no matter who you intend to send such information to.

Other information

Any links from our websites to other external sites are not covered by this policy.

We do not assume responsibility for our own or external sites that we link/refer to, at any time are without viruses or other unwanted malware.

We are not responsible for the availability of, or for the content of, content on external websites that link to us or to which we relate.

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