Written by Lieve Vanschoubroek, Michaela Sieh and the CAM-Cancer Consortium.
Updated February 8, 2017

Simonton Method

Is it safe?

No data on adverse effects, contraindications and safety of the Simonton method as a combination of mind-body modalities can be found. Concerning the different elements of the Simonton method (cognitive-behavioural therapy, relaxation, guided imagery, mindfulness-based meditation), it can be said that each of them used separately has a good safety record as part of supportive cancer care.

Adverse events

None known.


None known.


In general, people with a condition of a psychological dysfunctional nature could be potentially disqualified from receiving standard counselling for cancer.


The Simonton method is sometimes recommended as an alternative to conventional cancer care.

Dr. Simonton pointed to the possible risks of counselling practices that do not take into account the patient’s existing coping mechanisms. He did not elaborate on what the detrimental effects of the counselling program had been on some of the patients enrolled in the trial.


Lieve Vanschoubroek, Michaela Sieh , CAM-Cancer Consortium. Simonton Method [online document]. http://cam-cancer.org/The-Summaries/Mind-body-interventions/Simonton-Method. February 8, 2017.

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