Written by Katja Boehm and the CAM-Cancer Consortium.
Updated April 29, 2016


Abstract and key points

  • Carctol is a mixture of 8 herbs.
  • Neither clinical nor pre-clinical trials of Carctol for the treatment or palliation of cancer exist.
  • Its safety is uncertain.

Carctol is an Ayurvedic herbal mixture consisting of eight herbal extracts, which was developed in India and is available in Europe.

Its promoters claim that it cures cancer in many patients. This claim is not supported by evidence, as not a single controlled clinical trial has so far been carried out.

The safety of Carctol is uncertain. Although there are no safety issues on record for the combination product, adverse events and interactions have been reported for the individual plants it contains.

Read about the regulation, supervision and reimbursement of herbal medicine at NAFKAMs website CAM Regulation.


Katja Boehm, CAM-Cancer Consortium. Carctol [online document]. http://cam-cancer.org/The-Summaries/Herbal-products/Carctol. April 29, 2016.

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